Overclock and Underclocking your G1

Just yesterday I noticed there was an application published to overclock your G1 – it reminded me of a few files that I had seen when browsing system files on my device. At first I thought it must be a scam, or using some feature just hidden into the system, much like the garbage collection method used in memory free pro - but it seems t actually change the value. Whether this really speeds up the G1 without harming it is left unknown right now. Anyway, the file I had previous seen and was watching was acpu_clk. It can be found in the /system/debugfs/clk_rate/ folder. So, essentially to get your current CPU do the following in the terminal or through adb;

$sh #cat /system/debugfs/clk_rate/acpu_clk

To modify this file to change your clock speed you need to remount your /system to be writeable and then modify the file.

>mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
mkdir /system/debugfs
mount /system/debugfs /system/debugfs -t debugfs

This will remount debugfs, the folder to be visible and allow you to edit it. To change the value simple pipe and echo to the file;

echo '245760000' > /system/debugfs/clk_rate/acpu_clk

Afternote: Just noticed that someone at xda-developers posted nicer shell code than mine, so I’ve just pasted in theirs. Enjoy!