Code Monkey 4 life

new job!
So it’s been quiet a while since I’ve posted much – in fact it has been quiet a while since I’ve had much free time for android development and reversing too. Too much stuff going on to really have time to dedicate to such things. Got a real job as a software engineer (woohoo!), playing 9man and trying to get lots of other things done too.

So I’ve offically become a code monkey – and I’ve used a little money I saved away to grab a brand-spanken new netbook :) - this is one of the main reasons I’ve been unable to do android work. No more production laptop for running eclipse/reversing. Finally got most of my stuff running though on the netbook – so I’ll be posting more soon. Also I’ve preo-ordered my myTouch from T-Mobile, so more information should be coming in approximately 14 days on that :)

Things to come should be including;

  • Setting up android stuff on a netbook and compiling stuff on/for a netbook
  • Better decompiling of android apps
  • Reversing android app/game protocols
  • And the holy grail of all information for android, how to get live market data :)

So stand by for (hopefully) some exciting stuff!